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First Blog Post                       06/13/2017     http://wp.me/p7XezM-6

Faith-It’s Rough                    06/16/2017     http://wp.me/p7XezM-1z

New Job, New Start,             06/19/2017     http://wp.me/p7XezM-2i       New Awareness

We’ve all been there            07/26/2017     http://wp.me/p7XezM-2C

Comfortable In My              09/07/2017     http://wp.me/p7XezM-2O     Own Skin

Real Talk                                11/14/2017      https://wp.me/p7XezM-31

The Game of Dating            05/03/2018      https://wp.me/p7XezM-3y



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